LiveJasmin Beginners Guide helping you to Cam Model Success

LiveJasmin Beginners Guide: 6 Tips for Cam Model Success

LiveJasmin prioritizes the success of newbies in a big way. That is why all possible hindrances to this, have been noted and put to light for you in our LiveJasmin beginners guide.

Also, anything that could help you earn even more money with ease has been highlighted in this article. So buckle up! And grow your success on LiveJasmin without any stress.

1.     Harassment of Visitors

The moment you go online with JasminCam, you are logged into a free chat area. What that means is that millions of people from around the world are able to see your video feed.

This is a good thing since such traffic will always guarantee your success, but there is a minor hiccup; trouble makers!

It helps to take note that the names of registered members will always appear in yellow while those of guests, appear in white.

Now out of the millions of people that are watching your video feed, there will always be that one person that might have had a bad day, and decided to ruin your day for you. Such is human nature sometimes.

If by any chance, someone enters your feed and you find them rude and disrespectful then it is important that you know how to react.

The best method of defense is your Model Profile. It entails a base introduction of who you are as a person.

People will understand that you are a model out to entertain them. What your Model Profile does is help them understand that you have feelings too.

You are as much a person as they are and it is possible to be hurt by careless sentiments. Once a person reads your bio, they will be entertained by what you are doing, but will also be careful with what they say.

If that is not enough, LiveJasmin has put functions in place to help deal with rude visitors further.

Handle problematic visitors in JasminCam with the Kick or Ban Features

The Kick Button

The first function is “The Kick Button“. This function puts you in control completely. Once you use it, you will be able to boot a visitor from your room but they may come back at any time.

Once a member realizes that they can be kicked out of your room and thus miss all the action, they will surely behave.

The Ban Button

The second function is “The Ban Button“. This function is a bit more extreme when compared to the Kick Button.

Once you use it, you will be able to ban a visitor from your room and they cannot come back in 24 hours.

Take note that traffic is what guarantees your growth as a model. Be careful when using the functions so as to avoid losing potential customers.

2.     Underage Members and Fake Admins

Report any underage Members on LiveJasmin if any appear in your room

LiveJasmin has put in place restrictions to make sure that underage members do not get access to accounts.

If however, it happens that you have an underage member asking for a private chat, do not accept.

What you should do is ignore such a member completely and make sure you report the matter to the Online Support Chat.

It is by doing so that the account is going to be suspended immediately to keep LiveJasmin a community-friendly platform.

The other commonly faced problem is that of fake administrators in free chat. There are people that will choose to prey on new members.

The goal is usually to trick you into entertaining them for free or getting sensitive details to your account.

Take note that LiveJasmin Admins only write in uniquely colored GREEN text that is impossible to fake.

Other than that, LiveJasmin admins are professionals that will never contact you in Free Chat. They will never ask you for a private show under any circumstances.

Be very cautious of fake admins and don’t fulfill any of their requests.

3.     Tips and Surprises

In our beginner guide learn about LiveJasmin Tips and Surprises for Webcam Models

Once you put on a good show, members are allowed to appreciate you by sending surprises.

The surprises will always be categorized into two:

Online Surprises

These entail the surprises that models will receive in Private shows, Free Chats, Video calls, or VIP shows.

Once a member sends you a surprise, there is an automatic generation of animated flowers or hearts that will emerge in your camera area.

A text will also be generated automatically showing the sender’s name and the amount they have tipped you.

The tips you receive here are automatically added to your earnings. Do remember that you can monitor these earnings under the Statistics menu of your Model Center.

Offline Surprises and Tips

As a model, these are tips you will receive via messenger regardless of whether you are online or offline.

It is a great method for you to keep earning even more money while you are offline handling your personal things.

Please do note that asking for tips directly is prohibited. What you need to do is make sure you put on a great show for your members to willingly surprise you. Asking for such tips could result in you losing traffic as it might be seen as pushy and offensive.

4.     Promotion Period

The Promotion Period allows newly enrolled Models to familiarize themselves with the platform. Models must spend up to 12 hours in the free chat area or 4 hours and 30 minutes in the private sessions. The default pricing per minute for newly formed accounts is $0.98, although Models can alter it until the promotion period ends.

If your pricing per minute is $0.98, you will show on the LiveJasmin listpage under the incredibly popular “Promo” filter. Appearing in this filter will assist you in building your own Member base on LiveJasmin and ensuring consistent traffic. Don’t pass it up!

Please note that this option is only available for new Models and cannot be used for multiple accounts.

Another great benefit for beginners on LiveJasmin that we will guide you on next with the “Welcome Bonus.”

5.     Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus for Beginner Cam Models on LiveJasmin

Who doesn’t love a bonus! Especially one that can help kickstart your webcam modeling career. Newly registered models can benefit from a lucrative income-boosting program. Let’s explain more in this LiveJasmin beginners guide below!

New models can expect to earn more on LiveJasmin throughout their first two full periods with this awesome Welcome Bonus. Each period is 14 days long – no matter what month it is. For example, if a cam model registers on September 12, 2022, the first period is September 15th-28th, and the second period is September 29th-October 12th.

It must be remembered, that this additional bonus is only given to newly registered models for the first two full periods.

How To Earn Your Bonus

Your bonus is calculated using your level-dependent income. Bonus money will be added at the end of the period if the online hours are met.

If you are a newly registered model, you only have two chances to take advantage of this fantastic gift.

  • If you spend 100 hours online during your first period, you will receive a 30% bonus.
  • If you have 100 online hours during your second period, you will receive a 50% bonus at the end of the second term.

In your Model account, you can always check your online hours and progress toward the bonus.

If you weren’t able to log 100 hours online during the first period, you can receive a bonus of 30% if you do it during the second. Only the time you are available to users is counted; member chat is not included in the hour calculations.

6.     The Goodie Basket

LiveJasmin Models can receive Jasmin branded clothes from Members

LiveJasmin offers its models a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive Jasmin-branded clothing from Members. How amazing is that!

Their stylish goodies are perfect for wearing when you go online, or for everyday wear too!

Members contribute Credits to help you achieve the Goodie Basket’s goal. When a Member contributes to your goal, you will receive a message with the Member’s name and the amount contributed.

Every qualified Model receives a random goodie basket comprising four randomly assigned goodies from the store.

To receive clothes that fit you perfectly, enter your dress size in the Model account. This option is available in the Personal Data section of the Profile menu.

Members will never see size specifics; instead, they will choose the item to purchase and LiveJasmin will select and ship the correct size for you. LiveJasmin will contact you via Admin chat to discuss the shipping and other information they require.

Note: Female Models in Colombia and EU Member States are eligible for a goodie basket; other nations are not eligible.

LiveJasmin Beginners Guide: Final Words

It’s our goal to provide you with this simple guide that will make it easy for you to speed up your success as a new LiveJasmin webcam model.

From features to control your room and keep harassing visitors away, to understanding how Tips and Surprises work. Not to forget a number of ways to kick start your LiveJasmin earnings with the newbie Promotion Period and Welcome Bonus! You can also perform online in style with your very own Jasmin branded merchandise purchased by your fans.

It may take a while to figure out how everything works since you are dealing with new things, but these are some of the most important things that you should be aware of as a newbie on LiveJasmin.

We hope you have enjoyed our beginners guide for LiveJasmin models and wish you all the best with your journey